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The plant was built on an area of 5417 square meters in distinguished area in the industrial city of Hassia according to the latest international standards, where the building was designed and equipped according to the requirements of the rules of good manufacturing Practices /cGMP/, in order to reach our scientific standard targets in production.


After in-depth study carried out by the company, and found that the industrial city of Hassia is the best option as the location for the project Serda, because of its geographic expanding and its location close to markets and sea, air and land ports in Syria.

This city is distinguished by its infrastructure and interest from the Syrian government especially facilities provided like tax exemptions and benefits available for investment projects in this city.

And so was the choice of location in the area (food industries zone) within the city and close to the Free Zone Industrial Hassia.

Production Line

Serda compared their needs with the offers manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical production lines in the global market.

The Production line has been established within an agreement with a French company (IPM) our choice for this company is based on the quality of its work previously done in the world, where it oversaw the implementation of many important medical projects around the world.

This company has provided the necessary equipment for the production line and has supervised the design and implementation of the project, and has performed the initial test for production line and its management .
Checking of:

  • Design Qualified (DQ).
  • Installation Qualified (IQ).
  • Operation Qualified (OQ).
  • Performance Qualified (PQ).